Official World Fitness E-Partner Lottery Draft

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Lets get buckwild! w00t!
Let's just "ROCK-OFF" the friggen planet; bust some serious ass; lose some serious fat tissue mass, and scream wild with our muscle sass!

With sass in our ass, and teamwork blowing a lot of gas, we will pass with a lot of class!

Class is lets friiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggen ROCK!

Best wishes

Did chillen just say he wants to get his rocks off?
That's probably why he's told every newb on the site to sign up for this; he wants a nice big fresh batch to pick from




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Name: Matt
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 201
Bodyfat %: 6-9%
Current Program: Running 4-5 days/week, lifting 3 days/week, biking 3-5 days/week, swimming 2-3 days/week.
Partner sex preference (if applicable) Either
Be Throrough with next set
Short term goal: (within 3 months)

Finish a sprint triathlon. Finish a marathon in under 4 hours. Increase strength.
Long term goal: (within 6 months)
Increase strength towards a goal of being able to bench 300+, squat 400+ and deadlift 500+ by March 31, 2009. Add several lbs of muscle.
Why are you looking to join? To get a little more involved with the community.
What can you contribute? Support, motivation.
What do you hope to receive? Not really looking to receive anything, maybe some helpful advice.


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since so many people have chosen "doesn't matter" under drafter and draftee, is there anyway I can choose whether or not to be a drafter or draftee after i see who for sure will be a draftee?

that, and I tihnk body fat percent is seriously miscalculated for some people. It'll be hard to calculate the changes in that if people really do not know what it is to begin with.
I'll consider revising, if you like?


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not talking about you specifically or anything train, I don't know what you look like.

I'm just referring to like what phate said like if you were really like 180 or w/e and 8% body fat, you'd for sure have a six pack. I just tihnk some people really aren't sure of their bf%. And I'm not just talking about him specifically either.


I dind't mean that statement in an offensive manner. I'm not sayin like "hey u guys are way fat." I'm just sayin, some seem inaccurate, and if you're initial starting point is off, how can you really measure your results?
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