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i thought you were my friend dangerdave.

wow, u people are so sensitive. can anyone take a friggin joke anymore.
yeah, and I thought you were a reasonable person. I just can't understand why you are perpetuating the situation? You know, don't even answer my last questions. I shoulnd't be hypocritical if I don't want this **** to continue. It doesn't matter to me much. So sorry, I apologize, there was no need for me to take the argument down to your level.

Have fun with whatever purposes you still have ont his thread.


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Dave, if you're going to tell others not to feed the animals, you should really follow your own example.
You're right, and I just did seconds before you posted this
I had actualyl removed it only seconds ago to avoid perpetuating the situation.

I notice you ahven't addressed anything that I posted in that paragraph either lillian. Could it perhaps be that, you really are in fact just seeking attention? You are the one bitching. You've kept your bitchin up for the last 4 pages or so. You chose I suppose not to answer my frist comment (it's about 2 pages back from your current bitching) on this because I suppose it made only too much sense for you to leave this thread for people who are actually involved with the thread.

Since you are answering questions in first come first serve manner. THen answer this, what is your MOTIVATION for perpetuating tihs argument? Is it because you are BOUND to answer all the questiosn thrown at you? Or do you just love the **** you're stirring up? I'm really curious as to how an adult could possibly react in such an irrational and quite frankly stupid as fzck manner. Please, take your time in answering

i'm just ****ing around just like most of you peeps are. is that a good enough answer? don't worry the bull**** will be deleted as soon as tony comes on here. i'm sorry you have befriended me or if i annoyed you or anyone else. now please people stop asking me questions or making comments towards me b/c i don't want to bother danger dave or anyone else on here.
Your parents were both skid marks in undies.
i can see that shyt pooring right out....LOL!

u may be book smart but your dyck is probably the size of a string bean. i guess you have to make up for that somewhere.
thats some pretty big words for a teenager. I'm impressed with your lexicon Danger Dave. :)

Now lets all take our feelings of ennui elsewhere.
Boy did I miss a lot!




enough of the b.s
Not open for further replies.
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