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Product Name NatureLean

Which is a protein powder for women

Price, Quantity, Servings per package, Serving Size

The price was 36.99 and you get 3 pounds which comes out to 45 servings per jug. The serving size is 1 regular looking protein scoop (idk how what the exact measurement is).

Why you Bought It

They tout it as the "protein powder for women" and it's vegan (pea and rice protein). So since I'm a woman (last time I checked lol) and a vegan I thought I would give it a try, even though I had never heard of it before. Plus it has a lot of iron which is good because a lot of women such as myself get anemic so it saves me from having to buy iron supplements as well.

Detailed Review
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As you can see it is low in carbs which I liked since I am trying to lose weight in addition to having all natural flavors. I like that the ingredients are simple with nothing crazy that I don't know how to pronounce or know what it is. As I mentioned earlier I like how natural it is. Being vegan, non-gmo and gluten free plus a good source of iron and amino acids.

Flavors are limited. It only comes in vanilla. The taste is pretty good. Sure you can find better tasting proteins, but that's usually because they are loaded with sugar or artificial stuff that Nature Lean doesn't have. It mixes well in a blender or shaker. It may be slightly chalky in texture if you just use a spoon but nothing serious. Overall the drinking experience was very good.


Overall it's a very healthy protein powder that is a good choice for women if you want to lose weight and are interested in eating more healthy/natural and I would definitely recommend it.

where to buy

It is kind of hard to find but this is where I bought NatureLean


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