FlyingFree VS Leiyunfat

crying..... PB doesn't like me. :(

Wednesday it is
awww theres much love 4 you ff, but theres a burning flame in youth! :D you both are winners anyway
it will be very easy to cheat this up. I guess we will have to have faith in the honestly of our members lol good luck to both of you.
I have no doubt in the honesty in either FF or Lei, and doesnt even need to be mentioned. Both have already displayed their integrity.

Best wishes,


Billy Zane

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So, is this just pics of biceps? Give us a little more info before we take sides. Doesn't matter for me, I'm reppin' the old man, lol. Keep me posted, Greg
Yeah, we're just gonna post pics of our bi's. No agreed upon pose or whatever so we're just gonna post whatever makes us look best :D

I meant to say, "rep the person you think looks better when they post their pics"

I didn't mean rep now, if that confused anyone.


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NBS 4life

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Thanks Billy, but I got this.

I cant believe somebody actually created a profile for that message. Though I find it hilarious. I couldnt think of the name earlier.

Now all we need is David to judge.


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