E-Partner Lottery Draft Picks


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jdie, Focus and I are gonna do rock, paper scissors to see who gets you. But, since he stole Drex from me, I am due to win and he knows it.
^ 666, the number of The Beast!

Or, y'know, we could discuss it like civilized people....

Ahahahah. Ahahahah. Ahhh. Yeah, so anyway, how about we do that thing Spock and Kirk did with the da da da da da da, da-da-da-da and the weird half-circle American Gladiator thingies.


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Wait, I thought focus and Drex were a partnership....y'all are taking on someone?

I totally would have volunteered by body to you two :)


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My partner has not been active. You are my new partner. I will start a new partner thread.
Actually I have been active, 12 hour work days usually. Since my last post I have put down almost 600 square feet of laminate flooring, replaced baseboards, painted the entry hall and dining room as well as started a new job and began working out in their new gym. I have simply run myself into the ground and was too tired/worn out to take the time to post.

No problem. I'll revert to my own thread and post my progress there. Good luck you 2.


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Oh it's really nice pick dude
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