Do you own an activity tracker?

I have a Fitbit Charge 2, and while I like what it tracks, I don't like having to charge it so often, so I end up not wearing it much. I bought a Fossil hybrid watch about a year ago and I love it. It doesn't track much, but it looks like a normal watch with a bit of extra functionality. And the batteries last about 6 months and are either free to replace (from the Fossil store) or only a few dollars each. I'm really interested in looking into the Galaxy watches, though.
Hello again! A friend of mine bought recently Samsung Gear Fit 2 and it seems very good as well. It is not as pretty as the Garmin one in my opinion but it is water-resistant, has bluetooth, GPS, spotify and the capacity to sync with many apps! It costs about 180 pounds at the official Samsung website, but I found it online for 88 pounds! Check it here I think it is a pretty good, value for money choice for a tracker!
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