DL/SQ/BP/Row Challenge

Tony, you forgot to include me! I wasn't cleared to lift until the end of May but I'm ready now.

Can I use a calculated 1rm? I'm afraid I'll hurt myself. It's okay, you can call me a pu$$y!

Calculated 1rm:

DL: 387 lbs. (This may be overestimated as it was not done on Nautilus machine, but I will use it as my starting point.)

BP: 185 lbs

I forgot to do the squat and upright rows, but I'll get them in a few days.

I'm gonna kick the living sh!t out of this competition! I may add 100 lbs just to my bench!!!
****y, whats your total?


New member
DL 380 (This suffered badly during my cut)
SQ 330
BP 220
BBR 176
My squat is up to 374 and BB rows at 198 (both for 3 reps though) so I'm up 66lbs on those two lifts alone. I might see if I can do the 100 on just my squat


New member
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