CCR Vs BigTom

Who has the secksiest BicepttZ?

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Again, sorry about the white skin, you might want to fetch some shades
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Sh!t i didnt know it was bi's we were doing..Mine are pathetic........!!

Might aswel declare you the winner already!

Dont worry tho, ima have mine tonight...your still a pussy :D

BTW we should of done a poll.
Just take them now, or do you need time to do your curls and apply fake tan? ;)

I've added a poll option
One question CCR: do you shave your armpits? If so, I'm officially revoking your license to post in the most alpha thing you have done thread! :D :p

Yeah, I'm afraid so, it's so much more hygenic

I do have a hairy butt though so I think I should keep my alpha male status
Sorry, they are all in my old room at my parents house :( I didn't bring any with me to uni :(
Kark i heard you wear thongs with a built in dildo for your anus.

Isnt it just to remind you that you love it up the ass throughout the day?
Oh dear, so many threads end up like this

How fast can you get your pics up Tom, we're not doing too well so far, we're 100% losers so far, lets turn this around :D
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