Burp(ee) Challenge

I feel disappointed :(

For not being a man of my word and a lazy f**ker. Im just not going to say anything anymore :(:(:(:(
Doing the 20 sets, is like doing 210 pushups.....plus the rest of it.

Man i struggle with 50 pushups, im not complaining but just adding a few facts there :D
You going to change your user title? You can do that now, ya know!

I can provide the "specific" answer why you (in your word) "struggle" with 50

You inner fire is like a deflated tire. In order to fly higher you must inflate your inner desire.

Balance your life! Young man!

I know, I know, TOM........:rofl:
LMAO Chill.

50 pushups is hard for someone who is 220lbs +, plus with long arms, plus who isnt the best presser aswell!!

But c'mon, i bet MOST ppl on this forum cant do 210 pushups. Theres noway.
Im old, many, many years past my prime, and can (because I willed my inner desire) pushout 107 pushups in one go, resting only once in the uppright position and keeping tension, this is under 2 minutes, chest to floor (I havent actually timed it, so I am guessing)

Morale of the story. A younger person in their prime (given same type of fitness level) would (I assume) be able to do more, primarily due to youth.


Oh......yea.......Love ya, bro! :D

Did the 20 sets today in 25 minutes, improved my time by 4 minutes from the first time. C'mon guys damn, get this thing done. Tony, lets see it big guy.

Oh and Sara, if you see this welcome back/ I challenge you to beat level one. You waste enough time on this forum being in arguments, and I know you can lift. Show me what you've got.
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