Body Transformation Contest (& signup)

Why is this thread so quiet? I only wish I had been around for the start of this sojourn. Aside from there being quality prizes it would seem that there is a chance to build real comraderie and a valuable support group. The few that have been active have been a fantastic read.
Yep I second this. I hope to see some pretty amazing transformations, and when the next contest rolls around I'm in!
hahahahaha i put wrong pic up! i already posted that one heres the one i meant to post

Chest 38

Stomach 33

Legs 22

Hips 38 1/2

Arms 13 1/2

everything down hugely from last time


this contest is best thing i done! its given me incentive and drive to get where i want my body to be! BECKHAM STYLE!
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Jessica M

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Bah I missed out on all the fun. Will there be another contest forthcoming?
I agree with MrDevine! I missed out! I wanna do this next time around. Will we be doing it again?


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Some Progress!

OK, as I said, here is my progress. I basically started a really good routine in the past 2.5 weeks, and it seems to be holding up. I exercised everyday(mostly running/elliptical) and stuck to a really clean diet for the 2.5 weeks(I still had my once in a while cheat meals(usually once a week).

Start: 220 lbs. (Yes, I was 212 when I started this, climbed up to 220, now i'm at 206)
Current: 206 lbs.
Goal: 180 lbs. (Still short of the goal...)

Now for the pictures, the regular colored ones are at 220 lbs. :( The yellow ones(light bulbs switched haha) are at 206 lbs. I am happy with my progress, I think this is the longest I've ever stuck to a routine. Looks like I'm back on track :) I've also been getting some compliments like my face is thinner :cool:

I'm starting up a new thread in the progress pics part of this forum, so looking forward to making more progress ;)



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NIce work Bob and Aim... Too bad I couldn't get in this earlier but I wasn't a member then... :11doh:
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