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Update :(
Well, I measured myself today, and it seems I'm headed in the wrong direction...I haven't been too bad with my diet/exercise lately, so I'm just going to kick it up a notch.
Measurements 3/18/08
Weight: 214
Waist: 42.5
Chest: 44
Hips: 44
Stomach: 41.5
Arms: 15 (The only real measurement I'm pleased with)
Legs: 25

Well there they are. Seems like I will have to clean up my diet more and be more focused.
Have you been counting calories ?
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gutted! was hoping for another prize! probably had worst week since i kicked off, i say worst but it has not been bad, just not as strict as my usual diet and fitness regime due to a 4 day holiday last weekend which resulted in eating whites breads and a few too many carbs etc not good but am straight back on the regime now, will be training hard this evening, going for a 4 mile run and do a session on the weights too! will post pics and stats this evening afterwards!
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